The Rudolf Nureyev State Ballet Theatre
General Information

Rustem SABITOV, General Director of the Theatre
Leonora KUVATOVA, Artistic Director of the Ballet

* Company of 60

P. Tchaikovsky


Ballet - fairy in two acts with an epilogue
Choreography by
Y. Grigorovich

S. Prokofiev


Ballet in 3 acts
Choreography and Production by
V. Gordeev

A. Adam


Ballet in 2 acts
Choreography by
J Coralli, J Perrot and M. Petipa

Season 2013 - 2014

The Rudolf Nureyev State Ballet Theatre from city of Ufa, Republic of Bashkortostan, is the youngest among the Russian theatres. It holds sacred and maintains traditions started by the luminaries of the company, the alumni of the St. Petersburg school: spirituality of dance, dramatic effect and the depth of the image penetration, combination of the technical skills and emotionality of performing.

The history of the Rudolf Nureyev State Ballet Theatre is inexorably associated with the name of the ingenious dancer of the 20th Century Rudolf Nureyev. It was in Ufa, where he took his first steps on the road to world fame. Ballet art festivals are held there since 1993 spearheaded by Yuri Grigorovich. The repute and glory of the Nureyev festivities have long overstepped the borders of the Republic of Bashkortostan. Throughout the years many brilliant dancers have performed on this stage: the artists from the Bolshoi and Mariinsky Theaters, dancers from Brazil, Argentina, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Belgium, Japan, Latvia, USA, as well as such dance companies as the Bolshoi Ballet, Mariinsky Ballet, Grogorovich Ballet, Russian Ballet directed by V. Gordeyev, Cairo Ballet, the Tchaikovsky Ballet Theatre and many others.

The ballet dancers are laureates, diploma and Prize-Winners of Russian and international competitions. Guzel Suleymanova is a Laureate and Diploma-Winner of prestigious International competitions in Kazan, Perm, Kiev, Astana and Budapest. Gulsina Mavlyukasova is a Diploma-Winner and recipient of the special prize “Princess of Russian Ballet” and a special prize for Beauty and Charm at the International competition Arabesque (Perm), Gulnara Khalitova is a Diploma-Winner of the International competition of young ballet dancers named after S. Diaghilev in Moscow and laureate of competitions is Istanbul, Sochi, Krasnoyarsk and Donetsk.

For almost 20 years The Rudolf Nureyev State Ballet Theatre was headed by Shamil Teregulov. Mr. Teregulov has been an Artistic Director of the Nureyev International Festivals from 1993 to 2008. The students of S. Teregulov successfully work on the native stage and ballet companies of different countries: Boston Ballet (USA), Cairo Opera House (Egypt), Germany, Moscow, St. Petersburg, Kazan, Chelyabinsk, Yekaterinburg, etc. Inspiration, search and new results were brought by the cooperation with the great choreographer Yuri Grigorovich. La Fille Mal Gardee, Don Quixote, Swan Lake, Nutcracker are the performances of the master that have been in the theatreís repertoire for many years already. The balletís breakthrough into the world is connected with this name. Under the direction of S. Teregulov, student and follower of Yuri Grigorovich, the ballet company went annually on tours to Italy, Egypt, Portugal, Thailand, Brazil, and China as well as many other countries. The ballet performance “Arkaim” by Leila Ismagilova opened the 7th International Volkovís Festival in Yaroslavl, Russia, where The Rudolf Nureyev State Ballet Theatre was awarded with a Laureate Prize of the Russian Federation Government in the nomination “Best Company”.

Among the recent ballet first nights are the “The Fountain of Bakhchisaray” by Asafiev, “Tom Sawyer” by P. Ovsyannikov, “Raymonda” by A. Glazuov, “Prometheus” by R. Sabitov, and “La Marionnette” to the music of Igor Stravinsky. These performances have once again proved the professional level, skills and perspective nature of the ballet company.

In 2009 Leonora Kuvatova became Artistic Director of The Rudolf Nureyev State Ballet Theatre.


A. Adan “Giselle” chor by J Coralli, J. Perrot and M. Petipa
A. Adan “Le Corsaire” chor. by M. Petipa
B. Asafiev “The Fountain of Bakhchisarai” chor. by S. Teregulov
F. Chopin “Chopiniana” chor. by M. Fokin
P. Gertel “Unveiling Precaution” chor. by Y. Grigorovich
A. Glazunov “Raymonda” chor. by E. Chernysheva (USA)
K. Karaev “Seven Beauties” chor. by R. Abushakhmanov
H. Lovenskiold “La Sylphide” chor by A. Bournonville
L. Minkus “Don Quixote” chor. by M. Petipa and A. Gorsky
L. Minkus “Paquita” chor. by M. Petipa
L. Minkus “La Bayadere” chor. by M. Petipa
S. Prokofiev “Cinderella” chor. by V. Gordeev
S. Prokofiev “Romeo and Juliet” chor. by S. Teregulov
R. Sabitov “Prometheus” chor. by I. Markov
R. Shchedrin /G. Bizet “Carmen Suite” chor. by S. Teregulov
Z. Ismagilov /L. Stepanov “Crane song” chor. by S. Teregulov
I. Stravinsky “La Marionnette” chor. by R. Abushaxmanov
I. Strauss “Blue Danube” chor. by S. Teregulov
P. Tchaikovsky “Sleeping Beauty” chor. by Marius Petipa
P. Tchaikovsky “Swan Lake” chor. by Y. Grigorovich
P. Tchaikovsky “Nutcracker” chor. by Y. Grigorovich

The Overseas Tours

USA 1995, 1996
Netherlands 1996
Italy 2000, 2003, 2004, 2009, 2010
Egypt 2003, 2005
UAE 2005
Portugal 2005
China 2005, 2008
Thailand 2006, 2008
Brazil 2009
Mexico 2009
Poland 2010, 2011
Czech Republic 2010, 2011
Germany 2010, 2011

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